Festival de Cine de Menorca | Menorca Film Festival 2019

Running from July 15-21st, the fourth edition of the Menorca film festival welcomes a new addition to this year’s festival line-up: the Cinema & Sustainability category.



Amount funded by MEPF: €1,000


This year’s fourth edition of the Menorca Film Festival will introduce Cinema & Sustainability, a successful collaboration between local groups including Per la Mar Viva, Alnitak and the Menorca Preservation Fund.

Having been in development over the last year, the Cinema & Sustainability category outlines the unsustainable processes linked to the production and distribution involved in the audiovisual sector. With each area of film production generating a large environmental impact, the Cinema & Sustainability project offers expert advice and ideas about how the film industry can improve and implement sustainable measures.


Green Shooting

With cinema and film being an international tool that can be used to disseminate information and educate an audience of all ages, the team behind the film festival (The Tanagra Association) believed sustainability within film to be an important area that needs to be addressed. Ultimately, besides providing entertainment, the festival also aims to highlight current topical issues and bring them to public attention via the medium of film.

The Tanagra Association is being supported by the MEPF for the first edition of the Cinema & Sustainability category, with the objective of having it as a permanent feature within the festival’s usual line-up for future editions.


See below for the full program of the Cinema & Sustainability: towards Green shooting.


Date: Thursday July 18th

Time: 10am to 2pm

Venue: Museum of Menorca


Round table + screenings:

Discussion around the question: What policies should be should be outlined in a bid for establishing more sustainable practices in film production?

Round table moderated by actor Sergi López.


  1. Luz Molina. Lawyer, adviser, and project manager. Head of Green Screen – a project which aims to improve and implement sustainable measures in the audiovisual sector.
  2. Miguel Ángel Tobías. Film and TV director. Founder of the production company ACCA Media. Director of El secreto de Ibosin, the first eco-film supported by the Consell d’Eivissa and that is also a tribute to the island.
  3. Irene Estaún. Director of the Biosphere Reserve. She holds a degree in Environmental Sciences and has been the co-director of Menorca’s Waste Plan as well as having worked on European island projects.
  4. Marcos Martín. Co-founder and CEO of Descelera Menorca, the world’s first startup decelerator company. Specialist in sustainability, bioenergy, has worked in many international environmentally-related companies.


After the round table, the group will be invited to the Sant Francesc patio to enjoy the following screenings:

  • ‘More fish, Less plastic’.

Videos from LEADER and the MEPF’s campaign to raise awareness towards reducing single-use plastic containers.

  • Scott and Milá. Ep. 4. Movistar +.

Mercedes Milá will present this episode on eco-awareness.

  • Birthplace by Jorik Dozy. Short film.

A poetic metaphor of the reality of our seas.

[SPOT] Festival de Cine de Menorca 2019 from Festival de Cine de Menorca on Vimeo.