In 2015 Menorca generated its lowest amount of renewable energy in the last 7 years – just 3.2% of the total amount of energy consumed. Menorca’s ecological footprint is approximately seven times bigger than the actual size of the island and its carbon footprint nearly doubles the European Union one. This is mostly due to: Food being sourced elsewhere / High levels of waste and food miles / Poor recycling of materials as well as all recycling being taken off the island / Nearly 100% energy from fossil fuels / Low use of public transport / Little cycling & walking compared to a high car usage / Limited local supply of water.

In view of this, the local government has been in contact with the central Government to propose using Menorca as a pilot project in Spain (which would also include other Biosphere Reserves), on the use of renewable energy (i.e. not applying the tax on the sun, encouraged use of electric cars etc…) The aim is to make Menorca 100% sustainable using renewable energy because currently, Menorca depends 99% on fossil fuels, which costs an estimated 250M€/year.

In addition to this, the Balearic government has recently presented a proposed change of law – Ley del Cambio Climático y Energía Renovable (Climate change and renewable energy law) which has an ambitious strategy that would see the Balearics 100% dependent on renewable energy by 2050.

There is a lot of work to be done in this sector in order for Menorca to reach a point where we are able to generate more of our own energy through renewables. However, Menorca Preservation has identified this area as a key priority in working towards a sustainable way of living on the island and therefore aims to support local initiatives working towards this aim.

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