“Diàlegs davall s’aigua” | “Dialogues under the water”

The MEPF supports OBSAM in its latest series of public seminars, in which key figures will discuss the importance of marine conservation and a sustainable future in roundtable events.


For the last 10 years, the Socio-Environmental Observatory of Menorca (OBSAM-IME) and the research station “Jaume Ferrer” (CAIB-IEO) have been collaborating in the organisation of scientific seminars on marine subjects called “Dialegs d’avall s’aigua”. (“Dialogues under the water”)

Previously, the talks have consisted of one key speaker in a closed seminar in which the results of research work carried out in the scope of marine preservation are presented. This year, however, thanks to the collaboration and funding from the MEPF, the informative “dialogues under the water” talks will be opened up to the public.

The short cycle of seminars will not only incorporate cultural elements to make the talks more accessible to the general public, but also offer round-tables to allow for an open and constructive debate on issues of marine conservation from ecological, social, and economic standpoints.
It is believed by OBSAM and the MEPF that as a Biosphere Reserve, Menorca can represent an example where the management of the marine environment is the result of a compromise between sustainable conservation of the environment, and the exploitation of its resources.
It is hoped that by understanding both the economic needs of the island and the increase in tourism, as well as highlighting the weak areas of conservation, then perhaps key players from both fields can work together to achieve specific objectives where socioeconomic needs fit the needs of marine & land ecosystems.

The key themes for each seminar will be based on the scientific studies funded by the MEPF: the ‘evaluation of the fish populations vulnerable to fishing in Menorca’s coastal waters’ project and the ‘study of the Posidonia oceanica meadows in Menorca’, phase 1&2 projects. More specifically, there will be talks around the topics of fishing exploitation, marine vegetation, and pollution.
In each round-table, speakers from the scientific world and tourism organizations, both institutional and individual, will be invited to answer a series of questions in which an ensuing debate will be framed.
The final talk will encompass all the problems linked to sea, as well as its interrelation with other environmental issues in Menorca, such as fresh water limitations.

In addition to the round-table debate about conservation and the environment, the aim is to bring artistic-theatrical performances to the conferences in order to broaden public interest and create a tandem between science and art, symbolising that the sea is an object of general interest.

The MEPF sees the OBSAM talks as a great opportunity to explain to the general public the impact and implications of the results and findings, generated by the OBSAM projects with MEPF funding. With it being notoriously hard to attract people to scientific forums, it is believed that the latest ‘Dialogues under the water’ talks will allow for a more interactive way to connect with the scientific findings, as well as emphasizing the island’s natural wealth and the need to protect it.




The talks in the ‘Dialogues under the water’ series are:


  • Beyond the meadows:
    The second round-table event will discuss the future of the Posidonia meadows, as well as all marine ecosystems, with a brief performance from a newly established theatre group, titled “La revoluta: #Posidoniame”.

July 11 at 20h Castle Sant Antoni, Fornells.


  • Blue Gold:
    This closing talk will be accompanied by a short segment of the documentary, ‘SETANTAPERCENT value S’Aigua’.

August 8 at 20pm Club Nautico, Ciutadella.



Find out more information about the “Dialogues under the water” talks at www.obsam.cat