Our 2023 Impact Report is here!

Illustration: Nardo Ferrer (ig: Nardoferrer)

2023 has been an exceptional year for our foundation, especially in terms of our fight against plastic pollution, as thanks to generous funding received from the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, we have experienced a real game changer and have been able to significantly increase our impact. At the same time, we have also managed to allocate a big part of our funds to projects focused on working towards an environmentally sustainable and financially viable primary sector

This year has been a huge turning point for Menorca Preservation: if we look at our figures, we have significantly increased our project funding, half of which has gone to one of our key homegrown projects: Plastic Free Menorca Allianceand such has been the significance of the work we are doing in this area that in our strategic sessions, the MeP Steering Committee agreed to create a fourth pillar for this important area of action.

It has also been the year of awards: one from the Conservation Collective for our “MENORCA PRESERVADA” training programme for farmers, and another from Onda Cero Menorca recognising our environmental work carried out during this year. We’re so proud!

Obviously, in order to achieve such milestones, our team has grown, but so has our reach, and we can proudly say that over 22,000 people, of whom over 1,000 were children, have either benefited from or taken part in some of our initiatives. Isn’t it amazing?

We are very happy with all the incredible results we have achieved together and want to say a huge thank you for your kind support during this year!

Download our 2023 Impact Report: