A new edition of the “Learn through surfing” programme kicks off in Menorca

Thanks to the support of the Consell Insular and Menorca Preservation more than 500 students will be able to experience the values of surfing and learn to:
● Connect better with themselves (therapeutic surfing)
● Connect better with other people (inclusive and egalitarian surfing)
● Connect with the environment and the sea (ecological surfing).

The sporting and educational project Learn through Surfing, developed by the Spanish Surfing Federation in collaboration with the environmental association Surf and Clean, returns to Menorca, seeking to promote and strengthen the link between students and the sea through the practice of surfing.

In this third edition, 7 schools from 3 municipalities of the island are participating in the initiative, bringing together more than 500 primary school students.The children will have access to an online platform with content related to the protection of the natural environment, and will also participate in experiential activities both in the schools and on the beaches themselves, where they will learn to be surfers in and out of the water.

The activities in the schools, implemented by Paddle Tour Menorca, began on 27th March and will continue until 28th April.
Four fundamental aspects are worked on in order to be complete and complete surfers:
● Physical (connection with ourselves) through an apnea exercise that allows them to know themselves better.
● Sea reading – they learn how a breaker works.
● Technique – learn a variety of techniques that are valid for everyone.
● Connection with the sea – a dynamic with cards and a net that teaches them how to protect the sea.

The experiential activities on the beach involve multiple actions, from the characterisation and identification of waste, to dynamics in which living beings are sought out to learn about their enormous importance, our connection with them and what we can do to protect and stand up for them. Their ultimate aim is to encourage a deeper connection with the beach as a wild and natural place, and then to try to improve our knowledge of the species that inhabit them. These activities will begin on 2 May and will take place every day until 5 June.

Finally, the incorporation of Surf and Sail (Son Xoriguer) as the second aquatic school authorised to provide this sports-educational programme is a new feature of this edition.

We work from an indigenous perspective of this ancient practice in order to strengthen the link between people and the sea. We believe this is very relevant in order to offer a complete education to the people who live on an island. The sea is life and life is made of water, and in the end, as Joaquín Araujo says, we are water that thinks.

dAvid Blanco, President of Surf&Clean