We’re hiring – Project Coordinator

Illegal fishing is a frequent problem in the Balearic Islands, we are looking for a part-time freelance coordinator to help us consolidate a collaborative project with the aim of promoting sustainable fishing by putting an end to illegal practices. The ideal person should be familiar with marine issues in the Balearics and have experience in project coordination and management. If you think you are the person we are looking for, please send us your CV and a short letter explaining your motivation for the position before September 1st.


The Balearic Islands have one of the best conserved marine environments in the Mediterranean: a strong network of MPAs, a relatively small fishing fleet, pioneering practices, and great potential to become a leader in marine conservation; however, there are still challenges we have to face, such as illegal fishing. And the fraudulent sale of fish.

That is why the Blue Marine Foundation, Marilles Foundation, Conservation Collective, IbizaPreservation, Menorca Preservation, Mallorca Preservation, and GOB, all of them entities working for the sustainability of the Balearic Islands, have joined forces to tackle this problem.

The results of a 2020 research followed by a series of workshops in 2021-22 have given us a better picture of the problem. These are some of the conclusions we have drawn:

● Illegal fishing and marketing practices are a major problem on all islands.
● A small but significant number of fishermen, as well as businesses in the hospitality sector, commit infringements.
● A number of interventions need to be proposed to address this.
● The bad practices of a few jeopardise the reputation of many and especially of those fishermen who are doing well.
● On the other hand, these illegal practices render marine conservation and sustainable fisheries management efforts ineffective. This is a problem that affects everyone and requires the involvement of the whole of society to solve: from fishermen and restaurants, to consumers and law enforcement.

Our approach to dealing with this issue is systemic and holistic. We want to work with all the actors involved, making visible a problem that is known but which we feel does not receive enough attention.

So far, we have started to identify allies within key sectors (professional and recreational fishermen, fish traders, NGOs, restaurants, certification and traceability companies) to challenge practices internally; and to mobilise consumers to create demand for legally caught fish; including the development of labels and certifications. Our aim is to raise the visibility of this problem and its significant negative impact on our marine environment so that authorities and administrations adopt and implement key measures and invest the appropriate amount of resources needed to solve it.


The project seeks to recruit a part-time freelance coordinator to manage the implementation of the project. Mainly; to organise an awareness campaign on bad practices; to promote the conservation of the marine environment through sustainable fisheries management and to identify new initiatives and opportunities to further work on this issue and seek solutions.


The project coordinator will work on the following tasks to coordinate the implementation of the project:
● Devising, coordinating, and launching a communication campaign for restaurants and consumers with the aim of giving visibility to the problem and involving them in the solution.
● Monitor the impact of the campaign and evaluate the campaign in qualitative and quantitative terms.
● Raise funds for the project.
● Identify, from our proposed initiatives, actions to be developed throughout the year 2023 if funding is found for that year.
● Create partnerships with professional and recreational fishermen, restaurants and law enforcement.
● Conduct monthly monitoring reports on the progress of activities and a final report in December including evaluation of the campaign and analysis of its impact.
● Coordinate and execute the elaboration, dissemination and systematisation of the data collected in surveys for the HORECA sector that will allow us to have a better picture of the problem.
● Communication and dissemination through press releases, publications on social networks, etc., of the results.


● Orderly – organised (must)
● Able to lead – self-starter (must)
● Spanish – Català – English (must)
● Experience in project management and coordination (must)
● Familiarity with Balearic marine issues (nice to have)
● Experience in proposal writing (nice to have)


Support organisations by coordinating project activities.


● Commercial contract (self-employed status essential).
● Estimated project-oriented working time is 20 hours per week.
● Remuneration: between €1,200 and €1,500 depending on experience.
● Initial duration of the project: 6 months with the possibility of extension depending on the quality of the work and the evolution of the project.

Applications should be sent by email to info@mallorcapreservationfund.org before 1 September.