Consultancy Opportunity

Consultancy Opportunity – Participative Governance at the Isla del Aire Marine Reserve

How did the project started?

The concern generated by the modification of the limitation of the Isla del Aire Marine Reserve, whose creation was supported by Menorca Preservation and other local environmental entities, has led different organisations working in marine conservation in Menorca to come together to propose the development of a participatory governance project in the Isla del Aire area. These organisations are: Menorca Preservation, IME and GOB Menorca, including the collaboration of other people within the scientific sector. The development of this initiative will involve the collaboration of a large number of people and entities related to the protected area: fishing sector, non-profit organisations, local companies, public administration, etc. The project has been divided into two phases: (1a) Design of the strategy and feasibility analysis of the project; (2a) Implementation and development of the project. The present offer responds to the implementation of the first phase.

The environmental problem

The problem to be solved with this project is to increase awareness of the real benefits of a Marine Reserve for the surrounding community in order to improve its management and benefits. For example, Marilles estimates that for every Euro invested in a Marine Reserve, its community can benefit from 10.

The Marine Reserve of the Isla del Aire (RMIA)

The Marine Reserve of Isla del Aire (RMIA) was declared as such in April 2019 (Decree 26/2019, of 12 April, BOIB no. 48 of 13 April 2019), with the aim of increasing the productivity of fishing resources and conserving its habitats and marine species. At the time of its declaration, 85.5% of the area was occupied by a special diving zone, where all sea fishing activity was prohibited, and in the remaining 14.5%, professional fishing was regulated. However, in 2022, the original management measures of the RMIA were modified, reducing by 22% the area in which artisanal and recreational fishing was prohibited, with serious consequences for the recovery of fish stocks. Furthermore, to date, and despite the fact that it is specified in the creation decree, the reserve does not have sufficient effective surveillance from our point of view, as it lacks a specific surveillance corps assigned to it.

Main objectives

  • Make the Isla el Aire Marine Reserve a common good and a source of pride for all those around it.
  • To implement an adaptive management mechanism or tool according to the environmental characteristics of the reserve, the specific benefits it provides, the needs and problems shared by users, residents, companies and public administrations present in the territory to which the reserve belongs.
  • To increase the participants’ sense of belonging in order to achieve a greater willingness on their part to watch over the proper functioning of the reserve, which is very appropriate for a reserve that does not have its own surveillance body.


We are looking for a person to be in charge of the development of the funding proposal for the creation of the Participatory Governance initiative, including as deliverables of this first phase:

  • Socio-economic map of the territory: Document that helps to identify and graphically represent the different agents involved (people, companies, entities or groups) in the Illa del Aire Marine Reserve and the social links established between them or with other external agents.
  • Report and proposal for a governance project: Document containing the analysis carried out, the conclusions and the proposal for a governance project. With key agents (name and contacts), strategy to be followed, proposal of a programme of actions and organisation of participatory forums and estimate of the budget to carry out the project in the long term.
  • Final report of the work carried out: Document that includes the process, methodology and development of the project, including information on the people and entities involved in it and the commitments reached.



  • Academic background: Open.
  •  Previous experience in conducting studies or similar processes.
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Strategic vision and synthesis skills.
  • Diplomatic skills to communicate and deal with a wide range of actors.
  • Ability to facilitate and moderate collective conversations and participatory processes.
  • Good knowledge of the Menorca context.
  • Languages: fluency in Catalan, Spanish and English.
  • Residence in Menorca is essential.



  • Type of position: freelance.
  • Duration of contract: We estimate 4 months for the implementation of the initial phase of the project, with the possibility of continuing once the Action Plan has been defined and depending on available funding.
  • Timetable: Flexible, with availability and timetable adaptability.
  • Amount: 10.000 € – V.A.T. included.
  • Other conditions: Immediate incorporation.
  • Driving licence and own vehicle.



Those interested should send their personal CV, as well as a cover letter explaining how they would approach this first phase of the project and what challenges and opportunities they believe they could face during the execution of the project.



Submit the application before 04/09/2023 to the following email address