Moby Mummy in Collaboration with Asociación TURSIOPS & Ocean Beer



We are very excited and grateful to have joined forces with Ocean Born Foundation and Ocean Beer to support a research programme led by biologist Txema Brotons from Asociación TURSIOPS.

TURSIOPS is a non-profit association founded in Palma de Mallorca in 1998, with the aim of contributing to the conservation and protection of cetaceans, as well as promoting the dissemination of the research carried out on them, focusing especially on our environment, the western Mediterranean.

The ‘Moby Mummy Project’ will be held around a pod of sperm whales north of Menorca who seem to have chosen this as their breeding area, with the aim of identifying sperm whale populations in the north of Menorca and better understanding their behaviour patterns.

Knowledge is key for conservation and with data, scientists will be able to assess whether we need to create a Marine Protected Area for the protection of the endangered Mediterranean sperm whale and preservation of this possible nursery.

The research team will be conducting their investigation in July 2021 and we eagerly await the results of their findings to decide if and what next steps might be required.

We are extremely grateful for all the support towards Menorca Preservation which allows us to continue helping fund projects like this one.