Moby Mummy 2023 Campaign

This year Menorca Preservation has once again supported the Moby Mummy marine research campaign carried out by the Tursiops Association, which aims to collect data for the delimitation of the sperm whale breeding area in the waters to the north of Menorca. The campaign was carried out during the first fortnight of August, and although a storm forced the scientists to stay moored for 5 days in Marina Port de Maó, during these days of the campaign they managed to sail approximately 760 nautical miles, of which nearly 700 were dedicated exclusively to the search and monitoring of sperm whales in the waters to the north of Menorca.


Despite this situation, the data obtained during the 6 days of sailing completed are exceptional:

Four groups of sperm whales were monitored, totalling 36 individuals, 9 of which were calves, the highest number ever recorded since 2003 in the Balearic Islands. Likewise, a new record of group size has been broken: 18 animals in a single encounter. These data confirm the North of Menorca as an area of vital importance for the Mediterranean sperm whale and that it is urgent to declare it as a Marine Protected Area.

Txema Brotons, Tursiops

Apart from the presence of sperm whales, a total of 17 sightings of other species of macrofauna have been made: 8 striped dolphins of up to 80 animals, 3 groups of Risso’s dolphins, 1 common dolphin, 3 loggerhead turtles and a manta ray.


We can conclude that the data obtained ratify the “Sperm whale nursery in the north of Menorca” as a key area to be protected.