MENORCA PRESERVADA – The 2nd module starts on the 20th of September

“The courses for the viability and sustainability of the MENORCA PRESERVADA land stewardship programme are back, the continuous training programme promoted by Menorca Preservation with the technical support of Agroassessor”.

• On 20 September the second module will begin, focusing on the Basics of Sustainable Production with the course “Introduction to sustainable agriculture” given by Nuri Madeo, E.T. Agricola de Agroassessor Consultors Tècnics

• The module offers a total of 20 hours of free training to farmers on the island between September and December of this year.

• Menorca Preservation reinforces its support by incorporating free personalised technical advice for those participants who attend all the sessions of this module and a minimum number of courses of modules III and IV.

Mahon, 31 August 2022

On 20th September, the second module of the continuing education programme MENORCA PRESERVADA, Bases of Sustainable Production, will begin with the course “Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture: conventional, ecological, regenerative and how to go from one to the other”, given by Nuria Madeo, E.T. Agrícola de Agroassessor Consultors Tècnics. Agrícola de Agroassessor Consultors Tècnics.

In addition and to complement and value the good reception of the first module of the training, Menorca Preservation has decided to finance two sessions of Personalised Advice for 10 livestock farmers who want support to implement the knowledge acquired in the MENORCA PRESERVADA programme on their farms, with the aim of further strengthening the knowledge of those who are looking to adopt more sustainable practices on their farms. “From Menorca Preservation we believe it is essential to support the primary sector, helping them to transition to more sustainable and profitable practices. Therefore, and taking into account the interest received and the need to strengthen agriculture on the island, we wanted to go a step further by offering on-site assistance to those who want to implement more sustainable measures on their farms, but need some advice”, says Rebecca Morris, Executive Director of Menorca Preservation. Those who attend all the sessions of the Basics of Sustainable Production module (module II), and in turn attend 50% of the sessions of either the Plant Production module (module III) or the Animal Production module (module IV), will be able to benefit from this advice.

The next courses in the Sustainable Production Basics module are “Understanding the Soil”, “Farm Diagnosis and Design” and “Water”, and will be held in 2-4 hour sessions every 15 days between September and December this year.


To request information or to register, please fill in the form at or send an e-mail to

“MENORCA PRESERVADA, a totally free land stewardship programme that aims to support and strengthen the primary sector”.

Results of the first Module:

• A total of 353 registrations received to attend the 17 sessions of the MENORCA PRESERVADA programme between January and May 2022.

• The attendees who responded to the participation forms of the first module are responsible for the management of a total of 1123.7ha of agricultural land in Menorca.

• 71% of those attending the first module found the training very useful and 52% have already applied some of the knowledge acquired on their farms.

The MENORCA PRESERVADA programme was presented on 18 January and until May, it has offered a total of 17 sessions on important topics such as the business objectives of the farm, health and processing regulations or the purchase of machinery and its maintenance, among many others. In addition, the theoretical and practical course “Olive oil: production process and operation of the mill”, given by the mill master Francesc Teixidor, attracted more than 30 participants. “The participants are very happy with the programme and encourage us to continue offering courses”, says Roser Febrer, technical engineer at Agroassessor Consultors Tècnics, involved in the implementation and management of the courses.

The full programme consists of 5 modules (Farm Management, Basis of Sustainable Production, Plant Production, Animal Production and Marketing) which will be taught during 2022 and 2023. 2021 PRIZE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT

On 23 April 2022 Menorca Preservation was awarded the IRIS 2021 Prize for the Environment, with special recognition for the MENORCA PRESERVADA programme. An award that the Foundation wanted to share with Agroassessor Consultors Tècnics for their great involvement and effort dedicated to the initiative.