OBSAM – Posidonia Oceanica Study – Phase 3

€ 3.550 awarded



  • Organisation Applying for Funding: IME-OBSAM
  • Project Duration: From May to December 2023 – IN PROGRESS.
  • Area of Interest: Sea – Marine Research Study
  • Detailed Budget: €7.600 (IME-OBSAM), €2.000 (Parque Natural) and €3.550 (Menorca Preservation)


Summary of the Project

The first studies on Posidonia oceanica at OBSAM were carried out in 2001, supported by experts from the Instituto Menorquín de Estudios (IME). In which, it was decided which axes the monitoring of the marine environment should have. One of these axes was the monitoring of the Posidonia oceanica meadows, which was consolidated in 2004 with a total of 14 fixed sampling stations that continued to be surveyed until 2010. The economic crisis situation caused this monitoring to be interrupted at the Balearic level in 2011, both in the OBSAM and in the DGPMM until 2018, when it was resumed both in Menorca (with Menorca Preservation’s support) and in the rest of the Balearic Islands through TRAGSATEC.

General Objectives

Of the total of 14 sampling stations that are going to be part of the Posidonia meadow monitoring, the aim is to sample a total of 5 stations of the network and the two stations of Isla del Aire. At each station, a point close to the upper limit, a central point (close to 15 m deep) and a final point at the lower limit of the meadows are sampled. 



PHASE 2OBSAM – Posidonia Oceanica Study – €3.150 awarded

PHASE 1OBSAM – Posidonia Oceanica Study – €2.840 awarded

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