MENORCA PRESERVADA | Pilot Farm S’Ullestrar

5.566 € awarded



  • Homegrown Project
  • Project Duration: 2 years
  • Area of Interest: Land
  • Other entities involved: Agroassessor, Finca S’Ullestrar


Primary Impact

Preserving, protecting and regenerating natural habitats

Summary of the project

Finca S’Ullestrar is a farm of 14 hectares of its own + 10 hectares rented from a neighbouring farm located in Ciutadella (Menorca). Run by a family (parents and two sons). Some 23 ha dedicated to pasture (ray grass, oats and barley), and 1 ha dedicated to orchard crops and peanuts. The farm has 30 cows for cheese production, 20 pigs, 10 sheep, 70 hens for egg production, 4 goats, 20 rabbits, 1 horse and 1 duck. They sell cheese, piglets, calves, piglets, eggs, peanuts and vegetable garden. The young members of the family show great concern for the sustainability of the planet and the farm, and their concerns have led them to attend training courses on an ongoing basis. They are active students of the Menorca Preserved courses. Their proactive attitude, youth, initiative, drive and concerns make them perfect candidates to help them in the transition process of the s’Ullestrar estate towards Regenerative agriculture.

Environmental Focus

  • Agricultural Land
  • Vegetation cover index (% vegetation cover over the total surface of an area)
  • Soil quality (including soil respiration, infiltration, bulk density, pH, nitrate and earthworm count)
  • Reduction of C02 in the atmosphere

Social, Economic and Cultural Outcomes

  • Number of people making a living from sustainable agriculture.
  • Increase in the implementation of regenerative/sustainable agricultural methods.
  • Percentage of land allocated to sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Percentage of local products produced in a sustainable way.


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