Emergency Food Aid 2020

The Farmers’ cooperative and Farmers and Co. did an amazing amount of work over the lockdown to try and stop our local produce going to waste due to the closure of hotels and restaurants but also by launching an initiative that could ensure safe shopping of local produce through home delivery’s.

This initiative worked very well as it gave a great outlet to our local produce, in addition to supporting our farmers economically. However, there was still a significant amount of excess produce (potato, fruit, vegetables, cheese and meat) which would potentially go to waste.

At the same time, the Red Cross had registered a 25% increase in the number of vulnerable families needing support in purchasing basic food supplies and in particular fresh and healthy products.

In order to address both of these concerns, the Menorca Preservation Fund raised funds to help the Red Cross buy the surplus products from our local farmers, in order to ensure their incomes and survival, and then deliver these very necessary goods to the families most in need of support during this crisis.

The food purchased was prepared by the Cooperativa del Camp in weekly boxes per family and it is calculated that the approximate cost of providing each family with these goods for 1 month was €105 per family.

There were over 32.000€ fundraised for this project, which enabled us to purchase 20 tones of exceeding local produce. This food was delivered to 917 people, 140 families, that had been previously identified by the Red Cross. These 140 families exclude those from the farmers who the products were purchased from and who of course also benefited from the initiative

Achievement: local produce served to 140 families.

Click on this link to watch the video on YouTube.