4th edition of Learn Through Surfing begins

For the 4th consecutive season, schoolchildren in Menorca will participate in the Learn through Surfing project, thanks to which they will learn to relate better with themselves, with their classmates and with the natural environment. This project, developed by the Spanish Surfing Federation and the non-profit association Surf and Clean, is possible in Menorca thanks to the combined support of the Consell Insular and Menorca Preservation, (it also has the support of Ecovidrio and MSC Pesca Sostenible) and this year it will reach almost 600 schoolchildren from 9 educational centres in Maó, Alaior and Ciutadella.

Taking advantage of the potential of surfing, as something broader than a sport, we work with schoolchildren on cooperation, equality, inclusion, ecology, prevention and the concept of the group, instead of competition:

“We want students to fall in love with the sea and be able to recognise how important it is for our lives and our planet. We would also like to help to deseasonalise their enjoyment and promote the conservation of a marine culture that should be the heritage of any coastal town”, says dAvid Blanco, national coordinator of the initiative. Sara D’Eustacchio, Comms Manager at Menorca Preservation, adds that: “We are very happy to be able to support this initiative once again, which both teachers and students love and which, to date, has managed to strengthen the bond with the sea for more than 940 students in Menorca”.

The original cultures that began surfing all over the planet hundreds or even thousands of years ago had in common, without ever having physically coincided, a series of values and a relationship with the sea that is the basis of this project. For example, have you ever wondered how old is the beach you visit most often?

The project has had a great acceptance from the beginning among the students and teachers of the island and from this year it has two local entities that teach it: Paddle Tour Menorca and Surf&Sail Menorca. In addition, this season they will have the help of students in practices of the training cycle of “Guide in the natural environment and free time” taught at the IES Cap de Llevant.