Menorca Doc Fest has unveiled all programming for the upcoming edition that will begin on October 12 and last until November 11.

REALITY CINEMA > 21 Short films and 5 feature-length PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITIONs > 8 artists, 5 spaces DIAPORAMA > 5 projects commented by authors


Menorca Doc Fest has presented all activities with a programming of 21 Short films and 5 feature films, photographic exhibitions with 8 artists, 5 spaces, 5 projects discussed by the authors.


One of the new features of this edition of the Menorca Doc Fest is the DIAPORAMA, presentation of international photographic projects discussed by the authors. With the artists, CRISTÓBAL ASCENCIO, PAU DE LA CALLE, IRE LENES, ANNA LOFI, DAVID ARRIVES and TOMEU COLL on Saturday, 15 October at 8p.m in the Sala Multifuncional des mercadal.

Two of the projecting lengths are Magaluf Ghost Town by director Miguel Ángel Blanca and Margalida of Constança Amengual and Francesca Mas.


Magaluf Ghost Town will be screened at the Teatre des Born in Ciutadella with a post-performance colloquium at the festival’s inaugural gala on Sunday, October 16 at 8p.m. Magaluf, Mallorca, a quiet coastal town that becomes one of the most saturated areas of tourists in the summer. How do the inhabitants survive this paradise paradigm of low-cost tourism? Strange things happen in Magaluf: smell of gold and blood, police cars and ambulances walk through the streets without anyone being important, cries at midnight… Magaluf is only a small and quiet Majorcan town that many refer to as the Twin Peaks balear. A place that has become the European paradigm of low cost tourism based on unbridled night entertainment, a theme park where almost everything is allowed. Meanwhile, its inhabitants are trying to live with the contradictions of this tourism model that feels like an invasion, but which also generates millions of euros in the catering sector, jobs and opportunities for many people who could not survive anywhere else without thes characteristics. Magaluf Ghost Town is a choral portrait of a community during the off-season and high season, from a tone of mystery, close to the thriller but without losing sight of the customary comedy, mixing documentary and fiction. It is an international story about the dreams of a locality that only tries to survive in a turistified context, and also a reflection on what it means to be a tourist in Europe.


Margalida will be screened in the Multifunctional Room des mercadal with the presentation and colloquiate with co-director Francesca Mas and the protagonist, Margalida on Thursday 27 October at 8p.m. Barcelona, 1975. The singer-songwriter Joan Isaac composed his best-known song, A Margalida. It’s a song about a woman who disappeared because when she was twenty-one she lost her lover. He was the young anarchist Salvador Puig Antich, the last to be sentenced to death by Franco’s Spain. Margalida now lives in Capdepera, Majorca. One day she receives a call from a writer from Barcelona who invites her to pay tribute to Salvador Puig Antich. Forty-five years later, Margalida decides to revive this story. In Catharsis mode, he proposes to make a physical and emotional journey to an age and a world that no longer belongs to him.


This year the artist who puts the picture on the poster is the Majorcan Tomeu Coll with the photograph of his exhibition BADLANDS which can be visited from 13 to 30 October in the Sant Josep Space of Ciutadella. BADLANDS. More than a century ago, these lands were filled with stagnant water, wild nature and malaria-bearing mosquitoes. Pirates would not dare to penetrate the wetlands, which still today would become a marsh if not for the asphalt that keeps them at bay. This work is a reflection of these damaged and forgotten lands, and is also a claim to the fact that they continue to resist invasion by visitors who year after year collapse the uncontrolled island. Tomeu Coll (Mallorca) The devotion and obsession with photography and the different ways of telling stories have led his work to be valued by different in-ternational media, with which he still works today. His personal projects have also been exhibited internationally, both in individual exhibitions in galleries and in photography festivals. In late 2019 he published the book with his long-term project, Badlands, with the publishing house Kehrer Verlag of Germany.

The opening is on October 13 at 8p.m with the author present.


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