TANAGRA | Menorca International Film Festival

1.500 € awarded


  • Organisation Applying for Funding: Tanagra
  • Project Duration: 1 year
  • Area of Interest: Environmental Heroes
  • Other entities involved: Per la mar viva, Fundación Marilles, Departamento Reserva Biosfera


Primary Impact

Reducing pollution

Summary of the project

The international film festival is mostly showing short films on sustainable and social themes in the open air.
The cookingFilms is a combination of cinema and gastronomy, in different restaurant venues on the island. It is divided into sections: Cookingfilms (dinner and screening) CookingPro (films + debate) CookingFilms (visit + tasting + family short film).

Social, Economic and Cultural Outcomes

  • Encouraging people to have a greater appreciation of the natural world and its value
  • Encouraging governments, public institutions and media to act in ways that support the natural world
  • Encouraging changes in public/consumer behaviour to better preserve, protect, and regenerate the natural world
  • Using film as a tool for social change: Through films, short films, documentaries, any audiovisual element, which can be used to change the way we look at things. From the youngest, in schools, etc. to the young and old, regardless of language. Cinema is universal


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