SURF&CLEAN | Learn through surfing – 3rd edition

3,500€ awarded



  • Organisation Applying for Funding: Surf&Clean
  • Project Duration: 1 year – 2023 – CLOSED
  • Area of Interest: Sea – Raising awareness
  • Other entities involved: The Spanish surfing Federation and Paddle Tour Menorca (involved in the development of the project), Consell Insular de Menorca (supports the initiative) and Reserva de la Biosfera (collaboration).


Summary of the project

Learn through surfing is a sports and educational project developed by the Spanish Surfing Federation in collaboration with the environmental association Surf and Clean, which seeks to promote and strengthen the connection of students with the sea through the practice of surfing.

Description of the project

In this edition, 7 schools from 3 municipalities of the island are taking part in the initiative, bringing together more than 500 primary school students. The students will have access to an online platform with content related to the protection of the natural environment, and will also participate in experiential activities both in the schools and on the beaches themselves, where they will learn to be surfers in and out of the water.

Main Objective

Strengthen and deseasonalise the connection between students and the sea, because we only protect what we love.

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