Moving Towards Zero – Go Zero Waste App

6.000€ awarded

Organisation Requesting Funding

Plastic Free Menorca Alliance – The Plastic Free Menorca Alliance formally began its activity in September 2020 and is made up of MeP, OBSAM, GOB Menorca, Menorca’s Leader association and Per la Mar Viva association. It also counts on funding from the Fundación Marilles. The main aim of the alliance is to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic and contribute to reducing the presence of plastics in Menorca’s natural environment.

Go Zero Waste – Go Zero Waste is a social company that offers technological solutions to move towards a zero-waste society through circular economy and sustainability.

Both entities together present the project Moving towards Zero! GoZeroWaste as a technological company applied to environmental sustainability and in particular, the reduction of single-use plastic (SUP from now on) and the Plastic Free Menorca Alliance as a local organisation, with great knowledge of the Menorcan region and society.


Area of Interest

Preserving life in the oceans, helping to raise awareness about plastic pollution, rising awareness about other threats to marine life and to the health of the oceans. Environmental education.


Project overview

Promotion of zero waste and sustainability in the marine environment through gamification.

30 challenges will be presented via the GO Zero Waste App to the population and businesses of Menorca during 1 year in order to encourage that they incorporate sustainable living practices. At the same time, the activities will help improve the state of our seas and beaches.

Every month a dynamic activity will be proposed through the APP, such as ‘plogging’, workshops, conferences and campaigns. Through the project’s communication channels, and people/businesses’ good practices, the project, App and challenges will be promoted on a regular basis.

Users register on the Go Zero Waste Application and see the challenges proposed for Menorca specifically. When users manage to overcome the challenges, they must send a photograph and Go Zero Waste will validate that it has been done correctly.

Once they have overcome the challenges, users will receive points to get discounts on products that support zero waste practices or discounts in local shops. They will also be entered in the monthly prize draw automatically.


General Objectives

  • The ultimate goal of the proposal is to introduce good practices among citizens and businesses to reduce the use of single-use-plastic (SUP), and that it translates into a lower presence of plastic in the marine environment. These goals are to be achieved by turning a challenge into a game.
  • By achieving the general goal, the reduction of other waste and the carbon footprint on the island will also be promoted and consequently reduced.



  • Plastic Free Menorca Alliance
  • Go Zero Waste



The project will span from the 1st March 2021 to the 1st March 2022.

Phase 1: co-creation of the challenges, collection of information on the waste generated on the beaches and seas.

Phase 2: technological development and approach to the communication campaign.

Phase 3: launch of the campaign and support through the App, telephone and email.

Carrying out one activity per month (workshop, conference, activism) in person and / or online.

Phase 4: presentation of the results achieved, data on the challenges achieved, participation and financial savings.

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