Depeche Mode and Hublot team up to support us in our fight against plastic pollution

The British rock band has donated over 85,000 euros to Menorca Preservation through the Conservation Collective, the global network of foundations of which we are a member

British band Depeche Mode have teamed up with luxury watch brand Hublot, as part of their “Memento Mori” world tour, to jointly support projects run by Conservation Collective member foundations aimed at tackling plastic pollution. Thus, the renowned British band has granted us €85,412.40 to fund part of the initiatives of our Plastic Free Menorca Alliance planned for this year.

For a small organisation like Menorca Preservation it is incredible to have the support of one of the most iconic rock bands in the world and we are very happy that, thanks to Depeche Mode, we can continue to strengthen the most significant areas of action of one of our main pillars of action.

Rebecca Morris, Executive Director of Menorca Preservation

These funds will be used to reinforce several of the lines of action detailed in the Action Plan for the reduction of plastic pollution in Menorca 2030 of the Plastic Free Menorca Alliance, focused on raising awareness, promoting and encouraging the elimination of the use of plastics on the island in order to reduce as much as possible its pollution in our natural environment.

The support of the partnership between Depeche Mode and Hublot will allow to continue managing the ongoing actions implemented, while helping to further coordinate the different initiatives carried out by the member entities to achieve a greater joint impact, focusing on:

  • Continue to develop awareness-raising actions that focus on the serious problem of plastics in our environment, as well as continuing to inform the public and the business sector about good practices and current regulations.

  • Increase the number of businesses and organisations committed to reducing the use of plastic in their establishments through their Plastic Free certifications.

  • Expand the network of points of reuse of beach articles, allowing the installation of 10 new points in establishments with a high tourist influx, thus expanding the actions within the “0 Plastic Experiences” of 0 Plastic Menorca, to help further reduce the plastic footprint of both visitors and residents on the island.

  • Reinforce the PescArt Menorca initiative, focused on recycling discarded fishing nets, focusing on 5 main areas: involving more people in the network of collaborating artisans and artists, offering specialised training in sustainability and marketing, reinforcing the commercialisation of products, exploring new ways of recycling this material and, finally, incorporating new plastic waste such as wetsuits and parasols.

Menorca still has many challenges to face in relation to plastic pollution, especially those derived from the HORECA sector. Four years after the implementation of the current Law 08/2019 on Waste and Contaminated Soil of the Balearic Islands, we still find companies that want to do things right but do not quite understand all the particularities of the Law. For this reason, we believe it is very important to continue working and advising in order to effectively eliminate single-use plastic in these establishments.

Marta Perez López, Project Coordinator - Plastic Free Menorca