Beach clean with our Business Partners

“It is essential that Menorca’s business sector is actively involved in the protection of nature on our island”

Today, we organised a small meeting with our “Business Partners” network, made up of businesses that actively collaborate with us, in order to exchange ideas and deepen our understanding of the environmental challenges we face as an island, especially in terms of plastic pollution.

The day started on the beach of Es Grau, with the participation of several members of staff from El Faro de Cala Torret, the Menorca Island agency, Hotel Rural Biniarroca, Casa Bonita, the real estate agency Engel & Völkers Menorca, Herbes Biniarbolla and the restaurant Sa Punta. Together we took part in a beach clean-up, in which, in addition to collecting plastics and other waste, we also removed microplastics from the sand with the different materials provided through our Plastic Free Menorca Alliance. At the same time, we discussed the environmental problems associated with the use of single-use plastics and the different alternatives for companies to reduce their environmental impact.

It is a pleasure to be involved in collaborative initiatives to improve the health of the planet

Benet Guardia, El Faro de Cala Torret

By joining Menorca Preservation’s network of partners, companies commit, among other things, to creating environmental awareness in their company with sustainability criteria in order to identify ways to reduce their impact on the environment wherever possible, while raising environmental awareness among their employees and customers. In addition, they also contribute to the preservation of Menorca’s natural heritage and the promotion of environmental projects through an annual donation and/or the implementation of fundraising initiatives for Menorca Preservation.

This immersive day has been a success. For us, as a partner of Menorca Preservation, it is an evidence to be present and to be able to create new links around common values.

Menorca Island

Rebecca Morris, Director of Menorca Preservation, highlights:

“At Menorca Preservation we believe that finding a balance between human activity and the preservation of our wonderful natural environment is essential and with this in mind, the active involvement of the business sector in the protection of our island’s nature is fundamental.That is why through our network of Business Partners, we work closely with local businesses to establish environmentally committed and socially responsible sustainability policies, in line with our founding principles. At the same time, we explore ways to broaden the reach of our work and continue to raise funds to finance environmental projects that have a positive impact for our island”.