An Enchanting Journey through the Art World of David Monros

Nadine Feltes, winner of the "Experience with artist David Monros" prize auctioned at our Charitable Gala during our Summer Fundraising event.

An Enchanting Journey through the Art World of David Monros

I am thrilled to share my enriching experience after visiting the fascinating gallery and art studio of David Monros. Following the unforgettable Menorca Preservation Gala in La Mola, I acquired a painting by David Monros, an exceptional painter from Menorca and a truly delightful personality.Upon entering David’s gallery, it felt like immersing oneself in a world imbued with the spirit of Menorca. Each exhibited painting was a visual testament to his deep love for the island and his ability to capture its painterly style in an impressive manner.David’s artistic style is a harmonious blend of creativity and innovation, distinguishing him as a true artist. The gallery itself reflected his dedication to the craft and provided an inviting and inspiring space that truly encapsulated the essence of his work.

Furthermore, it was a true pleasure to meet David in person. His warmth and passion for art were palpable, and it was inspiring to learn more about his creative process and the stories behind each painting. His genuine love for Menorca added an extra layer of depth and authenticity to the experience.

As I reflect on this visit, I look forward to future visits to David Monros’ gallery and immersing myself once again in his extraordinary talent. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to experience this firsthand.

Nadine Feltes