The Menorca Preservation Fund Scoping Report

The Balearic Islands are an archipelago in the Mediterranean, east of the Spanish mainland. Scientists regard these islands as one of the best-kept marine environments in the Mediterranean region. However, its ecosystems face significant pressure, due to many reasons including; recreational and industrial overfishing, mass tourism, inappropriate sewage systems, water consumption, boats anchoring in vulnerable areas, pollution from plastics and other materials etc.

To date there are numerous environmental projects underway but there is ample scope for further work, as well as continued support for the various ongoing projects. Based on those we have spoken to, it seems that the current governing bodies in the Consell (PSOE, Podemos & MES) are supportive of pushing forward with environmental projects on the island but do not have the capacity to manage or fund these alone. Therefore, the ideal solution would appear to be a combination of public funds and/or expertise along with private funds and project management, working with networks of volunteers. All the MEPF meetings with the local government and administration have been very positive and our Foundation is being well received which is often the first barrier to get past.

Find out more about how we can help in our detailed Scoping Report below: