Our 2022 & 2023 Report is finally here

We are delighted to finally share our 2022 & 2023 Report! These have been 2 amazing and challenging years which have allowed us to grow as an organisation, while also significantly increasing our impact. In this period, we have funded 32 projects and developed 3 home-grown projects through which, working in collaboration with 14 local environmental organisations, we have achieved to:

  • REDUCE 55,824 0.50cl plastic bottles and 153,172 single-use products from the hospitality sector with our Plastic Free Menorca Alliance.
  • TRAIN 162 people in Sustainable Agriculture with our MENORCA PRESERVADA training programme.
  • UPCYCLE 731 kgs of discarded fishing nets with our PescArt Menorca project.
  • PLANT 168 productive trees in 2023 through our support to GOB Menorca’s farm stewardship programme Custodia Agraria.
  • RAISE AWARENESS among 796 children about the importance of our marine environments through Surf&Clean organisation’s Learn through Surfing project.
  • RESTORE populations of Cystoseira barbata in Cala Teulera and Cala Rata through the “Conservation and restoration of shallow bays” project developed by OBSAM-IME.

🌱A HUGE THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS to all the people (scientists, volunteers, agronomists, entrepreneurs, experts…) who enable these projects: your dedication is the driving force behind our work. Working together, we can go further!

💚 THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the people, entities, businesses and organisations that have helped us to implement these incredible initiatives.