Menorca Preservation invited to the Bioregional Weaving Labs Learning Summit

Menorca Preservation invited to the Bioregional Weaving Labs Learning Summit, an international event on holistic sustainability, where it has promoted organic products and sustainable agricultural initiatives

Menorca Preservation has joined the Bioregional Weaving Labs (BWLs) Learning Summit organised by Ashoka, Commonlands and Presencing Institute held between the 25th and 28th of October in Lunteren in the Netherlands. Menorca Preservation, focused on the preservation and regeneration of Menorca’s natural environment, has had the opportunity to showcase Menorca’s context, as well as some of the sustainable initiatives related to the island’s land and sea, and to promote some of the outstanding products that are being developed and produced in our territory.

On the other hand, and to give visibility to some of the initiatives in Menorca, Menorca Preservation has provided information about MENORCA PRESERVADA, its continuous training programme for a more sustainable and viable agriculture; CUSTODIA AGRÀRIA, GOB Menorca’s farm stewardship programme; and the AGROXERXA platform, focused on the promotion and marketing of local produce from the island.

And so that attendees could taste first-hand the benefits of sustainable agriculture, Menorca Preservation brought the following products from Menorca: MORVEDRA extra virgin olive oil, winners of 4th place in the world organic extra virgin olive oil competition, ALGENDARET NOU organic cheese made using Menorcan cows, and peanuts from the S’ULLESTRAR estate.

It has been an honour to be able to introduce Menorca to this international congress and to put on the table everything that is already being done on our island, but also to value areas of our environment that still have a significant lack of protection and that need an important boost if we are really going to preserve and regenerate the island in order to guarantee our resilience to climate change and its impacts on our lives. It has been inspiring to see how together we can identify actions that not only protect our environment, but take into account 4 points of return; inspiration, social, economic and environmental.

Rebecca Morris, Executive Director of Menorca Preservation
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