Latest agreement | Cristine Bedford supports local produce

The Menorca Preservation Fund (MEPF) and Cristine Bedfor Guest Houses Mahon, which will open its doors in spring 2021, have signed a collaboration agreement that provides important funds to the MEPF to promote its area of interest in supporting projects related to the local produce of Menorca.

The MEPF has had the local product and the preservation and restoration of the landscape as a priority area of work since its inception almost three years ago and with this agreement, the MEPF establishes a helpline for projects related to this sector that allows a more long-term view. So with this collaboration, the island’s agri-agricultural sector will be able to count on economic support in force until the end of 2023.

The agreement, which will give a good boost in this sector of work of the MEPF is endowed with 70,000€, contributed equally by the MEPF and Cristine Bedfor. The collaboration, whose content will be displayed according to the needs identified with local organizations and actors, will be carried out by MEPF through local collaborators.

The common objective is to firmly promote the consumption of local products, as the central axis to maintain and strengthen the economic sector from responsible production, while regenerating and preserving the landscape and the health of Menorca’s land.

The news was covered by the Diario Menorca: