ES FAR CULTURAL | Menorca DOC Fest 2024

3.000€ awarded



  • Organisation Applying for Funding: Es Far Cultural
  • Project Duration: 1 year – 2024
  • Area of Interest: Environmental Heroes
  • Other entities involved: San Luis Town Hall, Sala Albert Camus


Primary Impact

Slowing down and adapting to climate change

Summary of the project

The Menorca Doc Fest (MDF) combines documentary film and photography as a tool for dissemination, awareness and education. Using documentary audiovisual art as a pretext for programming various cultural activities, it promotes reflection on the changes that our societies and culture are undergoing.The Biosphere Award is one of the sections of the MDF, focused on environmental and sustainability issues. For this edition, it is proposed to carry out a project to create short documentary films that work on these same themes in the context of Menorca. The projects will be mentored and will be screened as part of the 6th edition of the MDF. They will also compete for a popular or audience award.

Social, Economic and Cultural Outcomes

    • Encouraging people to have a greater appreciation of the natural world and its value

    • Encouraging governments, public institutions and media to act in ways that support the natural world

    • Encouraging changes in public/consumer behaviour to better preserve, protect, and regenerate the natural world;Reduced waste/better waste management


Description of the project

For the past few years, Menorca Doc Fest has been programming a section of the festival devoted exclusively to raising awareness of environmental issues. Its focus is to address these issues through the following actions:

  • Support for the creation of audiovisual documentaries dealing with the environment and biodiversity.

  • Dissemination of these same audiovisual productions through screening sessions open to the public.

  • Organisation of a professional conference to rethink the forms of audiovisual production with the aim of making them more sustainable.

  • Encouraging local impact by linking creation to the context of the island and the audience award.

For this edition, the Menorca Doc Fest proposes to launch a call for the creation of short documentaries with a local impact, supporting production companies or audiovisual production teams on the island and promoting the creation of short documentaries on the environment, nature, sustainability, biodiversity, ecology, science and biodiversity, ancestral trades and ways of life linked to the context of Menorca in the fulfilment of the SDGs.