LEADER | Plastic Campaign

€13,655 awarded



Issue of Concern being addressed: marine conservation/waste management.

Project Overview:

The project aims to reduce marine plastic pollution by replacing harmful plastic and polystyrene fish packaging with biodegradable materials throughout the supply chain of Menorca’s fisheries

Project collaborations:

It sits within the PROJECT MENORCA a marine protection programme designed by the Menorca Preservation Fund, Blue Marine Foundation and Sunseeker International.

General project objective:

Implementing the awareness raising campaign ‘More Fish, Less Plastic’ to contribute replacing plastic and polystyrene fish packaging with biodegradable bags and wraps, in fresh fish sale points across the island.


To develop an awareness raising campaign for reducing the use of single-use plastic containers, focusing on the pollution of the sea. The campaign will be carried out mainly in fresh fish sale points.


    • To design and publish posters and flyers describing the current problem Menorca faces with plastic marine pollution, and solutions to reduce plastic usage.
    • The materiales will be displayed and at the places where fish is sold sale and other key areas around the island.
    • To produce short video in partnership with fishing guilds of Menorca and distribute them on social media.


A campaign to replace frequently used single-use plastics where fish is sold:


    • To design and distribute reusable shopping bags with the slogan ‘More Fish, Less Plastic’ in sale points as to be distributed among their customers.
    • To design and produce 30.000 compostable bags (made from organic white corn starch) designed for single use.
    • To deliver the lots of these bags to each sale point to encourage them to replace the plastic bags normally used.
    • To design sustainable (non plastic based) paper sheets to wrap the fresh fish.
    • To deliver the paper sheets to each sale point to be used to wrap the fresh product and thus avoid the use of plastic bags.


Transversal components of the project:

A manifesto will be drawn up to recommend the gradual reduction of the use of plastic containers, the trading associations of Menorca will be encouraged to adhere to it.  The objective of the manifesto is to raise the awareness of the problem of marine pollution caused by microplastics so that the related associations commit to use sustainable alternative materials.

Local collaborations:

  • Fishing guild of Fornells.
  • Fishing guild of Ciutadella.
  • Fishing guild of Mahón.
  • Trading associations of Menorca.


Project phases:

  1. Meetings with collaborators.
  2. Developing of the aware raising campaign and slogan.
  3. Promotional videos production.
  4. Bags and sheet paper production with the campaing slogan and logo.
  5. Design and production of promotional posters.
  6. Design and production of promotional flyers.
  7. Promotional action with public media.
  8. Visits to fresh fish sale points, especially local markets to spread the initiative and deliver the lots of materials.
  9. Manifesto writing and dissemination with trading associations.
  10. Create Media and Social media contents and advertisements.


5 months. Starting June 2018.