MAR NOSTRA | Waving Goodbye To Single-Use Plastic

With the imminent 2021 Europe-wide ban on single-use plastics, the MEPF is working hard with local organisations to try and help implement this as quickly and smoothly as possible. One of the initiatives that MEPF has funded to tackle this issue includes phase 1 & 2 of the MAR NOSTRA project from GOB.

Having initially been set up with the aim of addressing marine sustainability, control and mitigation of the effects of fishing, waste reduction in the sea, marine education programs, conservation and management of coastlines and marine protected areas, the second phase of the MAR NOSTRA project aims to help local businesses reduce their use of single-use plastics, which is important preparation for the strict law to come.

Working closely with coastal entities and protected marine zones as well as local and educational bodies, the continuation of this project will see a greater push to reduce plastic use and waste by holding talks, screenings and creating agreements with organisations who tend to use single-use plastic products.

Two of the projects specific objectives were to reduce the generation of plastic waste by campaigning against single-use plastic tableware, and to reduce the use of plastic bags in stores by acquiring 20,000 paper bags and distribute them to 20 committed stores throughout the island.

With the first objective being aimed at local organisations such as Sports Clubs, CEIPs, local entities etc. the MEPF was thrilled to hear the news that since the inception in July, over 40 local establishments have signed up to the initiative. The agreements underpin a commitment to eliminate single-use plastics in their everyday activities and special events and opt for biodegradable or resusable alternatives instead.

This is a great achievement so far and both MEPF and GOB hopes to not only further increase this number, but also extend its reach to other local businesses and venues.

For the list of all the venues that have signed up so far, click here…


If you would like to sign-up to the initiative or find out more information about how you can make your business more sustainable, email