The Bambú restaurant contributes 3,500 euros to Menorca Preservation

The restaurant meets for the second consecutive year with its commitment to collaborate with Menorca Preservation to contribute to the preservation and conservation of the natural environment of Menorca.

The Bambú restaurant reinforces its commitment to Menorca Preservation by donating €3,500 and thus fulfilling its second consecutive year of collaboration with the organisation. Menorca Preservation will use this generous donation to fund environmental projects on the island. This action is part of a remarkable list of sustainable initiatives carried out by the restaurant, whose main objectives are to avoid the use of plastics at all costs and to produce as little waste as possible.


Bambú was the first business in Menorca to replace its plastic straws with bamboo straws to protect our seas from plastic pollution. They have also eliminated plastic packaging wherever possible and have installed a water osmosis and remineralisation system, using reusable glass bottles to serve their customers.


The Bambú team is actively working to reduce food loss and waste, and have decided to set up a composting system for all organic waste. In addition, the restaurant completes its cuisine creations using ingredients from its own vegetable garden.


In addition, in order to contribute to reducing its carbon footprint, the Bambú restaurant has opted for the installation of renewable energies to supply the energy needs of its establishment as far as possible.

At Menorca Preservation we believe that change is in everyone’s hands and once again, thanks to a collaboration with a small local company, we see how together we are contributing to the preservation of our environment and how the entrepreneurs of Menorca are increasingly putting the emphasis on creating a sustainable business that respects the island.

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